Best Car Accessories to Spruce Up the Interiors of Your Car

15 Jul, 2021

Are you an automobile enthusiast?

If yes, we can be sure that your car means a lot to you. You would have put immense thought into choosing that particular car, and it is only right that you choose the best dashboard accessories to adorn your car. The dashboard speaks volumes about the car owner and is the portion of the car the driver will interact with the most. Hence it is extremely crucial to deck and make your dashboard all swanky and nice.

Here are seven must have accessories for your dashboard:

Steering Wheel Knob

Having a grip on the steering wheel is extremely important, however sweat and humidity can make it particularly difficult. A steering knob helps you have a better grip on the wheel particularly when you make turns. It makes gripping the wheel easier and provides for better driver comfort. Online Car Accessories Providers have a wide range of steering knobs to choose from. Customise your knob in accordance with your needs and steer away in comfort.

Car Seat and Steering Wheel Covers

Having a protective seat for the steering wheel and seat is extremely important in luxury cars where the interiors are often made of leather. Having a good quality cover increases the life of the steering and seats by decreasing sweat induced wear and tear. The good news is several options are available and it takes only a few minutes to cover the seat and steering.

Air Freshener

We know that driving a smelly car is no fun. Hence, it is extremely pertinent that you invest in a good air freshener to keep your car smelling fresh and clean at all times. A wide variety of fragrances are available and the fresher will last a few months at the very least. Fragrances made of lemon, citronella and natural substances like vettiver are particularly popular among the younger car users.

Wireless Mobile Charger

The last thing we want to do when navigating a route is to have less charge on our mobile. The second last thing we want to do is tug at a USB cable while we navigate. A wireless charger modified to be mounted on the dashboard gives us a great hands-on and hands-off experience. As a bonus it can also function as a mobile holder that keeps the phone in place when Navigation/GPS is used. If that isn’t Double Dhamaka, we don’t Know what is.

Rear View Camera or Distance Indicators

Parking a car is no easy task. Turning around and taking reverse is extremely uncomfortable. Furthermore, we sometimes can’t judge the distance between the car and an obstacle particularly on the passenger side (the left side in India). Equipping your car with a rear-view camera or distance indicator systems helps you drive comfortably and puts your mind at ease, knowing that you aren’t going too close to an obstacle.

Bottom Line:

Invest in your cars dashboard and experience the comfort of driving comfortably. Online car accessory retailers have several products suited to your needs. What are you waiting for?

Spruce up your dashboard now and thank us later.

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