2021’s Best Automobile Tyre Inflators

By Alisha Grover
14 Jun, 2021

You are between towns, and you are driving on the highway. Your car begins to swerve towards the side despite you focussing hard and keeping the steering straight. You turn on your indicators, slow down and then park the car on the side of the road. You realise that the pressure in your tyres is below optimum.

Going ahead, with an improperly inflated tyre is not safe and the next petrol station is miles away.

What do you do?

Three among every four people who drive on a regular basis report having been stranded owing to a flat or punctured tyre.

While a punctured tyre needs a special set of skills to be fixed, a flat or improperly inflated tyre can be easily inflated, and the pressure can be maintained at optimum. All you need to fix a flat tyre is a handy and portable tyre inflator.

Which Inflator Should You Purchase?

A melange of different inflation devices is available in the market. However, it is extremely crucial that one purchases an inflator that is known for its quality and robustness.

Woshcher, a popular automobile accessory manufacturer is among the best brands in the market. The volume of air provided by Woscher’s inflators enables you to fill a tyre with air within two minutes, and helps you be back on the road in no time.

The Options you have:

Most tyre inflation systems are portable and weight barely one kilogram. This makes these inflators suitable for two-wheelers and cars alike. Digital and manual inflators are available, and you can make a choice based on your needs.

Digital Inflators:

The digital inflation systems are equipped with sensors and shut-off systems. All you need to do is turn on the inflator, set the desired pressure on the interface and use the inflator. You absolutely don’t have to worry about over inflating or bursting your tyre as the shut-off system will prevent the tyre from getting pressurised.

Manual Inflators:

While the digital inflators indeed offer the convenience and comfort of not having to worry about the pressure increasing, they might burn a hole in your pocket. Manual inflators equipped with pressure gauges help you inflate your tyre in minutes.

The analogue dial helps you see view the pressure in the tyre and inflate the tyre to the required levels.

The Bottom Line:

No matter what vehicle you have, having a tyre inflator at your disposal does a world of good. In these COVID-19 times, it isn’t uncommon for tyres to deflate owing to disuse and having an inflator at hand when you have to take the vehicle out, will save you a trip to your nearest petrol station.

You can avoid being stranded by a flat tyre, and that factor alone makes a portable tyre inflator a must have accessory in your car!

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