SHEEBA SCLGS07 Liquid Grease Spray (150 ml) Pack of 8

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  • Resistant to non concentrated acids and alkalis, usage door panel, hinges, locks, leavers, panels and loosens the blindness/tightness and gives a smooth touch to the part applied for ease in usage.

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Product Full Description

ANTIRUST Has affinity permeability on metal surface to drive out the moisture.water and creative a protective film.Antirust time is 1 year or longer indoor. 2. DEHUMIDIFY Excludes moisture and water on the metal surface and circuit to make the circuit return to service quickly. 3. REMOVE RUST Fast Loosens the rusted parts and removes rust on the metal surface. 4. LUBRICATE Minutely lubricates machine parts and forms a protective film. 5. CLEAN Eliminates oil stain, dirt and glue, making the metal surface brand new. 6. CONDUCTANCE Its isolation voltage is 45000 volt. so it has no electric conduction. It can quickly clear up the electrical resistance in the contact and plugin.



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SHEEBA SCLGS07 Liquid Grease Spray (150 ml) Pack of 8

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