Car Interior Trim Strips - 16.4ft Universal Car Gap Fillers Automobile Moulding Line Decorative Accessories DIY Flexible Strip Garnish Accessory with Installing Tool (5M- Silver)

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  • Have you ever thought that the interior decoration of your vehicle is boring? Our interior trim strip can help you solve the problem.
  • The strip is electroplating design. It is so durable and colorful that the stylish interior of your car will cheer you up at the first glance.
  • Made of PVC material, which is flexible, the trim strip will not cause any damages to the surface of your vehicle and it is easy to install around the corners and the hard-to-reach places.
  • Besides, the interior trim strip can prevent dust from entering the gaps in the car. The length of the strip is 5 meters, about 16 feet, which means the product is long enough for different types of car.
  • This interior trim is a perfect gift for car lovers and those who want to decorate their lovely cars.

Product Full Description

Name: Interior Car Trim Line Beading
Material: High-Gloss Resin Super Sticky Adhesive 3M
Colour: Silver
Weight: 61g
1,This Section is Used to Personalize the Car Trim Decoration, Interior Trim Decoration is Ideal.
2,Personalized Color Red Interior Trim Enduring, Paste, Solid and Reliable Face and Will Not Damage the Paint, Can be Attached to Any Location Outside the Body.
3,High-Gloss Resin Production for the Car Exterior trim Personality Decoration Moulding Strip Decorative Ideal.Silver Car Trim Enduring Personality Pattern Color, Paste.
4,Solid and Reliable Face and Will not Damage the Paint Can be Attached to Any Location Outside the Body.

The First Step: The First with a Damp Cloth to Wipe Clean Part You Want to Paste. If Your Car Recently Waxed (Wax or Table Board Wax) Please Wax Clear Before Pasting.
Step Two: Paste the Time, Tore Off After the Adhesive Strip. Electricity Blow Gun (or Hair dryer) Tto the Heated face of A File Back and forth Blowing Plastic Surface Under. This Can Play Glue Maximum Viscosity. And Let More Curved Line In the Corner. If Gum Up Found No Very Strong. Available Specifically For Jushi Foam Detergent Used to Clean The Surface Before Stickers Need to Use Decorative Threads. Glue Fastness is Not Need to Worry About. Table You Ease of Use (This Needs Careful Decorative Lines Stickers.)

【Package includes】1 Bag Car Moulding Strip (5M Long/Bag)



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Car Interior Trim Strips - 16.4ft Universal Car Gap Fillers Automobile Moulding Line Decorative Acce...

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