Car Heavy Duty ||Tow Rope Wire Rope ||Capacity Emergency Tow Cable with Self Locking Hook || Line Truck Off Road || Auto Car CablesTow Rope with 5 Ton (10mm*4mtr)

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  • OW ANY VEHICLE UNDER 5 TONNE - Stainless steel wire towing rope is designed with self locking hook to easily tow vehicles such as car, SUV, van, boats, etc. at long distances .
  • ENHANCED DURABILITY - The offered hauling line cable has high tensile strength, fatigue strength and good impact toughness to let you enjoy the excellent strength of pulling any vehicle up to 3 ton.
  • UTMOST RESISTANCE – Suitable for traction and pulling, the offered Stainless Steel Tow Cable can work in harsh environments of various harmful media due to its corrosion and wear resistance nature.
  • COMPACT & PORTABLE –Stainless Steel Towing Cable Line can be coiled easily to fit in tight spaces of your vehicle. Easy to carry towing cable with high load safety factor.
  • SELF-LOCKING HOOK FOR SAFETY – No more see-saw game for watching hitched area as it comes with self locking hooks at both ends that is capable of bearing vehicle load to much distances.

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Product Full Description

It is necessary to keep our vehicles clean and this can be achieved with a set of convenient tools that helps us to do so. We present to you the Tire Cleaning Brush that is durable and highly functional. These brushes are made from the finest materials that help in efficiently cleaning the tyres of your vehicle. Now get home your own set of brushes and keep those tyres clean.

Excellent Build

These brushes are well-designed to reach the curvy places with ease and clean the tyres efficiently.

Durable and Versatile

The set comes with two brushes one being a tyre brush and the other being a hub brush. They are ideal to clean the cramped curves with ease. These durable brushes can be used for cleaning both cars and two-wheelers.

Special Nylon and Thick PP Silk Brushes

The spokes of the tyre brush are made of special nylon material and the spokes of the hub brush are made using thick PP silk. The use of high-grade quality materials makes these brushes highly efficient and durable.

Compact and portable

It is easy to store and carry these brushes. They are compact and portable. Thus, they consume less storage space. The handle of these brushes has been holed for hanging them.

Sturdy Handles

The handles of both these brushes are made using high-quality plastic material. The handles feature curved grooves and lines to give the user a perfect grip while cleaning. The brush handle is slip-resistant.

Ergonomic Design

It is difficult to clean the narrow edges and grooves on the surface of the tyres. The contoured design adapted in the making of these brushes makes the task of cleaning easier.

Ideal Cleaning Tool

Get your sleeves up because this set of cleaning brushes is just what you need. The fine material and the contoured design of the brush makes cleaning more easy and efficient.



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