Cooling Mat, Water Cushion Cool Pillow Ice Pillow, Water Filling Ice Pillow Chair Pad, Multifunctional Water Seat Cushion for Car, office, Home, Children, Student, Travel.

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  • Color: Multi color random pick will be sent Staying Cool - Cooling effect is very obvious and fast. No freezing required.
  • Multipurpose - Use indoors, outdoors and when travelling!!! It can be used as Office chair cushion, Study chair cushion, Car seat cushion, Cooler for notebook. Very much useful for Car drivers, Students, Office workers, patients
  • Waterproof - The fabric is waterproof, easy to clean dirt, can be directly cleaned and then dried with a dry towel (can use detergent).
  • Durability - most durable materials to ensure the durability and longevity, so you can use it every day!!!
  • One-time filling, no need to change water on daily/weekly basis.

Product Full Description

Water Cooling Seat Cushion
fully enclosed to prevent leakage
Size: 40x40 cm
Material: PVC composite cloth
Name: ice crystal water mat cooling cushion
Filling material: ice crystal and Water

Multifunctional, it can be used as office cushion, car cushion, cooler for notebook.
Cool and durable, thick design to ease the buttocks muscle pressure.
Cooling effect is very obvious and fast.
The product has a health function, no damage to human body.
Polyester fabric, waterproof wear and tearproof
Relieve soreness of waist and back pain caused by sedentariness.
Products include:
1x Water Cushion Ice Pad

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Cooling Mat, Water Cushion Cool Pillow Ice Pillow, Water Filling Ice Pillow Chair Pad, Multifunction...

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